Map3D is a fully self-contained 3D stress analysis tool,
designed for fast, easy model building and visualization of 3D models:

  • Self-contained 3D CAD system for model construction
  • Built-in import/export to 3D-PDF, Excel, VRML, DXF and more.
  • Embed Map3D models directly into PDF for interactive 3D viewing (3D PDF example requires Adobe Reader for 3D viewing)
  • Advanced planar fault-slip (plastic) and 3D elasto-plastic boundary element (BEM) stress analysis
  • 64 bit platform and parallel processing allows for practically unlimited problem size
  • Damage tracking enables elastic models to track damage history of overstressed zones as mining advances
  • Seismic event visualization as light source shaded spheres with diameter and/or colour varying as magnitude, and contoured on a plane to display density etc.

Why use Map3D

Integrated CAD

Powerful integrated CAD interface, no third-party software required. - Import/export facility for input data to other CAD programs.

Support & Training

Extensive training program for both program functionality and detailed engineering results interpretation.

Ease of Use

Easy manipulation of results for interpretation of rock mass failure, slip on fault planes, results on oriented bore holes and ubiquitous slip on bedding planes or joint sets.

Free Map3D Demo

Powerful pre-processing capabilities automatically fix most model construction problems. Overlapping and intersecting surfaces are accommodated by the program without user intervention. Model discretization can be optimized by setting a few control parameters to automatically concentrate elements at locations of interest. These capabilities greatly ease the burden of model building letting you get on with engineering rather than spending your time debugging models.

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Events & Publications

Date Time Event
April 8th - 10th

(lunch included)

April 2024 - Perth, Australia.

Course Theme: The entire course will concentrate on hands on learning of model calibration, interpretation and application allowing participants to work through real examples in a combined lecture/tutorial style.

  • Course presenter: Dr. Terry Wiles
  • Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, 1 Barrack Street, Perth WA, Australia
  • Phone: +61-8-1800145004
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Course Details
Elastic Softening to Simulate Plastic Yielding
Map3D multi-processor/multi-disk benchmarks
Map3D - CR example
Map3D - KB example
Map3D - V377 example
Three Ways to Assess Mining Induced Fault Instability using Numerical Modelling - SARES (2014) - Keynote address
Modelling discontinuous rockmasses in three dimensions using Map3D - 1st Can. Symp. Num. App. in Mining and Geom. (1993)
Evidence based model calibration for reliable predictions - Deep Mining (2007) - Keynote address 3-20
Reliability of Numerical Modelling Predictions - Int. J. Rock Mech. & Min. Sci. 43 (2006) 454-472
Rockburst Prediction Using Numerical Modelling - Realistic Limits for Failure Prediction Accuracy - RaSiM6 (2005) 57-63
Rock reinforcement design for overstressed rock using three dimensional numerical modelling - Ground Support (2004) 483-489
Loading system stiffness - a parameter to evaluate rockburst potential - Deep and High Stress Mining (2002) 8:1-11
Interpretation of microseismic monitoring data using numerical modelling - ACG Newsletter 2002
Integration of deterministic modelling with seismic monitoring for the assessment of rockmass response to mining: Part I Theory - RaSiM5 (2000) 379-387
Map3D-Cylindrical Hole in a Mohr-Coulomb Medium
Map3D-Tunnel with Overlying Fault in Mohr-Coulomb Medium
Map3D-Cylindrical Hole in Elastic Medium
Map3D-Strip footing on a Mohr-Coulomb Medium
Map3D-Strip Loading on Elastic Medium
Map3D - Circular footing on a Mohr-Coulomb Medium
Map3D Manual Microsoft Compiled HTML (.chm) file
Map3D Manual Online HTML with translation (.htm)
Map3D PDF Manual Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file
Map3D Ebook Manual (.exe) file

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